Accounts Assistant (OJT) On the Job Training for Accounts Assistant

About the course

Accounts Assistant is a Accounting and taxation Specialisation course under the BFSI Sector Skill Council endorsed and approved by NCVET(National Council for Vocational Education & Training) under the Skill Ministry Government of India, Considering the importance of having practical knowledge with Skilling the NCVET have made ON THE JOB TRAINING(OJT) mandatory as part of all Relevant Job Roles in various SSCs, GST Assistant is one of the preferred course wherein OJT component is part of the curriculum of Skilling. Addressing to this OJT Component in the Accounts Assistant course, Nergy360 have developed a unique Simulated practical training model with Self Evaluating task based Sessions and modules which will be Assessed by Nergy360 platform, all the successful participants will be awarded the Simulation Practical Completion Certificate from Nergy360. This certificate is approved and endorsed by the BFSI SSC with equivalence of completing the OJT part of Accounts Assistant Course training.

What you'll learn

Chapter 1:

Online E-PAN

Chapter 2:

Filing Income tax returns

Chapter 3:

EPF/ESIC Employer registration

Chapter 4:

Digital Signature Certificate

Chapter 5:

Financial Accounting

Study Material Included
On the Job Training (OJT) Certification
Practical Training
Learning Management System